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Oil Changes

When it comes to the question of how often you should be changing your oil, there is not one clear answer. You must consult your owner’s manual to determine how often you should be getting an oil change, but then again, that is just a general answer. Your oil changes will also depend on the way in which you drive. It is completely acceptable to get an oil change at smaller intervals than what your owner’s manual suggests. Getting frequent oil changes is a good form of preventative maintenance. However, you should never exceed the mileage that your owner manual suggests.

You drive your car every single day, so you know how your car feels when driving. If your car feels as if it is driving differently, then you may want to consider getting an oil change. When checking your oil, you do not just want to check the level but also the color and consistency. By bringing your car to us, you can be sure that you are getting an expert opinion on your oil as well as a top notch oil change.